I'll mostly be utilizing this blog to allow users to contact me if they don't have e-mail, don't want to use e-mail, or would like to just leave a comment! Again, thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed it! :)

Patty Kelly
04/21/2010 19:16

Dear Heather,

I spent some time exploring your web page and I think it is wonderful. You clearly have great talent in a variety of areas and it sounds like you are so busy doing intereting and creative projects even your own Mother can't keep up with all your terrific accomplishments. Love you and best of luck with your blog. It is also my first official blog post! lol xo

Aunt Sue
04/29/2010 15:30

Beautiful pictures! Excellent web page. You are a very talented individual. Good luck with your exams and make sure you snuggle with those doggies to relieve the stress! Love, Aunt Sue

Bridget Shevlin
06/08/2010 15:39

These are sweet heather! I love all of your pictures of the different flowers. Your studio art peices are so cool too! :)

Love, Bridget

Christine Sop
11/08/2010 20:09

Heatherrr! You're so talented I just checked out your website (obviously!) And when I went to the graphic design section of the page I just realized that when I become a famous writer in magazines (and probably eventually a book somewhere in there) or a top editor wellllll you're gunna be the person I hire to design the page layouts or book covers ;-) Love it <3

07/21/2012 04:37

Great blog, I'm great I found Weebly!

10/17/2013 05:54

Awesome pictures! Outstanding website. You are a very knowledgeable individual. Best of lot of cash with your examinations and make sure you hug with those animals to reduce the stress!


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